The snake army is a army of snakes that are lead by their leader Skales They first appear in McPenguins goes evil.All of Skales tribe is in this and 2 from other tribes.


  • They are so evil they even sssslither in their speech!
    • The leader.The ssssnake king ssskalessss
    • A venomari.His venom can make penguins image things
    • Another Venomari.He sells drinks at McPenguins that has venom to make penguins image things.
    • Fangtom.He is a member because Fangtom is secound in command and is Skales best friend.
    • Fang-Suei in his mech.It was turned into a mech after Fang-suei bit it.The fangpyre can turn stuff into snakes with a single bite!
    • The first boss of the Hypnobrai tribe.Skales beat him and is now a warrior.He along with the rest of the tribe can hyporize penguins to do what they want!
    • The scout of the army rattla
    • A good friend of Skales.He may become thrid in command.
    • He is fat and is a Constictal.He can crush enemys and make cracks in the earth because he is so fat.
    • another Consrictal.He is more mussle than fat.He was hidden in the tallest mountain and can lift up a giant rock!