When Rookie and Mr Cow2 are locked in a vault, they`ll have to learn how to live with eachover untill Monday(It`s saturaday on the episode).


Rookie and Mr Cow2 are ONCE again battling,this time playing Ping Pong.

  • Rookie(Serving the ball):Ping Pong is CLASSIC! I rule at CLASSIC games
  • Mr Cow2:You'll take that back!(Hits ball with hand)
  • Rookie(face plams self):Mr Cow2! You are meant to hit it with the pattle!
  • Mr Cow2(Looks at pattle):Oh,I thought we only served with the paffel,Sorry,first time
  • Rookie(Serves ball again):Do it right this time
(We see Mr Cow2 and Rookie playing Ping Pong a little more then the screen fates to show Bob's lair,this time with a new plan)