Rookie 2

Gender Male
Position Unknown
Age  ???
Status Unknown
Likes Unkown
Freinds Gary,Puffle Handler,Aunt Artic,Cadence,Mr Cow2,Pengwaqus,Sunglasses Penguin,Alex,Rockhoper,Sensei,Dot,Frank,Phill,ETC
Enimies Herbert,Benny,Bob,Dan,Zombie Fries.
Hidden ability Unkown
Loved One Puffle Handler
Best Freind Puffle Handler
Mother Unkown
Farther Unkown
Sisters Dot
Brothers Unkown
Most Injured part of the Body Unkown
First Apperance Club Penguin:The Pilot!!!
Last Apperance Unkown
Voiced By Matt Bennnet
Ladies and Gentlemen!May i now announce that you are about to see the most spectacular stunt EVER PERFORMED UNDER THIS ROOF!!!


Rookie is a very special Penguin.He isn`t such the smartest,but he knows that his freinds care about him (with the possible exception of Mr Cow2).


Rookie is Very Kind and is always entusiastic.He usually screws up at some times and is responsible for most of the adventures the gang get in.Sometimes its up for himself to deafeat his enimies.

Rookie is a very kind penguin who is always caring for others and is always defending his freinds.He is usually the one to blame for most of the bad things that happen.He is very clumsy and not very smart,but he is very focused on his tasks when it comes to missions.