Take the quiz and see if you are Gary, Mr Cow2, or Bob!

What is your worst fear?

A.Being rejected by Cadence

B.Finding out my time machine can't go to the age of the dinosaurs

C.Having somebody take over the world before i do (NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!!)

You are lost in a desert. What do you do?

A. Blame Rookie

B.Invent a machine that creates water

C.Laugh in everbody else's faces because it was a creul joke

If you had one wish what would it be?

A. I wish that Rookie never existed!

B.I wish that I could invent the greatest thing in the world!

C.I wish Cadence was gone and i could take over the world!

Mostly A's: You are Mr Cow2! You hate Rookie and love Cadence. Sadly Cadence doesn't love you back. Just don't become friends with Rookie!

Mostly B's:You are Gary! You always dramed of visiting the dinosaurs and being the best inventor. What will you build next?

Mostly C's:You are Bob! You are evil and have vowed revenge on Cadence. Sadly, Whenever You try to detroy Cadence,Her goody two-shoe freinds get in your way.Luckaly,evil asside,You never give up!