When the mayor calls an anti-illegal forengier citizen ballot, PH being Australian, sees herself in some deep powder. But with all the pressure, PH turns to Herbert and purchases an illegal I.D and passport.


Starts at a sunny day on Club Penguin. PH wakes up early in the morning .She starts to sing.

  • PH(Singing):Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh!Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free! We've golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea! Our land abounds in nat-(Mr Cow2 throws a bean can at her)OWWWWWWW!!!
  • Mr Cow2:Will you PIPE IT!!!
  • PH:What? I can`t show a little love and respect for my home country?
  • Mr Cow2:No!(Throws another can at her)
  • PH:Stop throwing cans at me, mate!
  • Mr Cow2:No promises.
  • PH:Whatever.(Puts on news)
  • News Reader:In other news,Mayor Penguin has started an anti-illegal citizen ballot.Meaning if yes on 24 is voted the most,all Germans,Indians,Australians and others will be vanquished off the island.This means you, Puffle Handler.Wait, how come her name's in the script if I don`t know a single thing about her?Stupid directors.
  • PH;Well this is rather interesting.
  • Mr Cow2:PH,they`ll remove all illegal forengeirs!
  • PH:Yeah?
  • Mr Cow2:That includes Australians.
  • PH:Yeah?
  • Mr Cow2:(Facepalms)YOUR AUSTRALIAN!!!
  • PH:(Gasp)Crickey!
  • Mr Cow2:Right there!Aussie,Aussie,Aussie!
  • PH:Oi,Oi,Oi!Sereously though,if I don`t get the papers right...I`ll just have to kiss the island goodbye.(Looks to the ground,depressed.Mr Cow2 throws another can at her.)Quit It, sport! They don't pay you for throwing cans at me!
  • Mr Cow2:They don't pay me at all!

Transition.We see PH moping aboit in a corner,disturbing everyone.Cut to Gary,Dot,Rookie and Cadence looking at her awkwardly.

  • Gary(Whispering):Why is she crying?
  • Rookie(Whispering):It`s this whole citizenship business.She`s not a legall Club Penguin citizen yet.
  • Cadence(Whispering):Poor little girl.I was hoping she would be a main character in this show.
  • Dot(Whispering):Well we can`t have her cry in the corner untill the move.Rookie,go talk to her.

Rookie stands up and walks over to PH.He pats her softly.He starts to get annoyed and pats her harder.He starts to get REALLY annoyed and smacks her in the back.

  • Rookie:PH,I can`t stand too see you like this.How would you like to live in my igloo untill you get back on your feet?
  • Ph(Sniffiling):I-I`d like that.
  • Rookie:Okay,but i`ll need a headshot photo for my gallery.(Picks up a plaque that reads "Temporairly Visitors".It shows the faces of some of the guests that Rookie has kept in his house.)Rockhoper sang a song.What`s next?Sensei breakdancing?(PH Chuckles mildly)

Transition to Rookie and PH carrying a few boxes of PH`s stuff.They open them and start to arrange the room with her stuff.PH puts a small figurine of a penguin version of Captian Crook on the bedside table.

  • Rookie:Who`s that?
  • PH:He was Australias greatest hero.Captain Crook.
  • Rookie:Oh,you must love your country.
  • PH:Yes i do.Here,i`ll show you somthing.(Puts a tape in the VCR and presses shows PH growing up in the Australian Outback.It cuts to PH at her 20`s talking to her parents)
  • PH`s Dad:Make us proud girl.
  • Ph`s Mom:Never forget who you are.
  • PH:I love you.(Hugs them and tape ends)
  • Rookie:Awwwwwwwwwwwww.That`s real sweet.
  • PH;Yeah.But i`ve grown attached to this place.I don`t want to leave.(Doorbell rings)
  • Rookie:That`ll be Phill.(Opens door and phill walks in)
  • Phill:Hi PH.Check it out.My new passport.(Shows her his passport)(Whispering)Actually i got it from Herbert the Polar Bear.He`s selling illegal I.D`s for 100 a pop.Maybe he can help you.
  • PH(Thinking):Well i don`t turn towards a villian...(Sees Rookie and his freinds playing in the yard.She smiles and frowns)But i have no choice.

Transition to a dark alley.PH gives Herbert a flipper full of money.

  • Herbert:Allright.Heres your License,Passport,Birth Certifiquet and Death Certifiquet.Theese I.Ds are foolproth so your verry lucky.
  • PH :Thank you so much Herbert!How can i repay you?
  • Herbert :You could take me of the wanted list.
  • PH : Don`t push your luck.
  • Herbert: Okay,just for that,i hate you more.Now when in doubt:Show them your papers,loose your accent and if all else fails...act like you lived here all your life!

Cut to PH with her room is all decorated to make it look like she lived her all her life.Rookie walks in.

  • Rookie:Hey...(Sees PH`s Room)PH?
  • PH(No longer speaking with an Australian accent):Howdy,Rookie.How are you.
  • Rookie:I`m...good.What happend here.
  • PH:Well it turns out i am an legall citizen after all.I just darn forgot about it.
  • Rookie:Uh,this isn`t you PH.I liked you when you were Australian.What happend to your Captain Crook figureine?
  • PH:Oh,i didn`t need it anymore.Now i have the statue of (Starting to Develoup her Australian accent back again) Liberty,starring into my soul with her deep dark eyes!!!!THIS ISN`T ME ROOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Looks at the Statue of libberty resting next to a Puffle magazine)
  • Libberty(PH`s Dads Voice):Make us proud girl.
  • Puffle(PH`s mom`s voice):Never forget who you are.
  • PH:Oh forgive me Mother!!!!!!!!!!Farther!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Crys)
  • Rookie:There there,don`t cry,there there.(PH stops crying)I may have the answer to all your problems.Theres a citizneship test in a few days time.If you suceed,you`ll be a legall citizen!
  • PH:I am so going to take that test.
  • Rookie:And i can help you.(Transition to PH and Rookie taking a test)Here is a flag of Club Penguin.Filled with stars and spots it is shown to have peace and hope.But what coulour is the backround blue for.
  • PH:Uh,to represent the wars?
  • Rookie:Wrong.According to this book,they thought it looked styilish.(Cut to Rookie and PH with a giant map)They may ask you to find Club Penguin on a map.Here,i`ll find it for you.(Points towards it.Put Gary gets in the way.)
  • Gary:What you guys doing?
  • PH:Gary,get out of the way.
  • Gary:Sorry.(Walks away)
  • Rookie:And there it is.I hope you got it down cause i don`t think i can find it a second time.(Cut to Rookie and PH with a chart)Now we will talk about one of the goverments biggest debates.Inflation.Now what is inflation?
  • PH:Uh,i don`t know.
  • Rookie:It`s a movement that causes you skin to stretch and expand to a new size.Wait there.(Walks of screen and walks back with an air tank)We shall now demonstrate.I have here a tank of air.We will put the hose into your mouth and test you on inflation.
  • PH:Rookie,is this sa-?(Shoves hose into her mouth)
  • Rookie:No talk,just inflate.(Turns on tank.PH`s body starts to swell up and turns round as a beach ball.)
  • PH:Mmrf!(Rookie,help me!)
  • Rookie:Relax,the swelling is natural.
  • Cadence;Rookie,not that kind of inflation!
  • Rookie:Oh, sorry, my bad.
  • Mr Cow2:Hey look! It`s the Goodyear blimp!
  • Rookie:Hey, that's my best friend!
  • Cadence:Why aren`t we helping her?
  • Mr Cow2:I dunno. But she seems kinda calm.
  • Rookie:And she actually looks good like this.
  • Cadence:Yeah,she looks pretty good as a blimp.
  • PH(Taking hose out of mouth):How could I look so fat but feel so light? I don`t know Rookie.This test is helpful, but I don`t think I`ll suceed.
  • Rookie(Bouncing onto her chest):Thats crazy talk!(Slaps her in the head)Your being hystericall!Your the best freind a penguin could ever had!(Hugs her)
  • PH:Thanks Rookie.(Hugs Rookie)
  • Cadence:Awwwwww,dosn`t this just warm your heart Mr Cow2?
  • Mr Cow2:Yeah. Even inflated,this is rather touching.
  • Rookie:Allright.(Bangs flipper on her chest causing her body to wobble)I swear that i will help you with every step of the way!Now,pay attention!(takes a pin out and pops PH.She lands right in her seat at her normal size)I have a notebook of all of the things you need to know.I want you to read it start to finish.(Hands her notebook.)Good luck.And may the force be with you, Luke!
  • Cadence:Wrong movie,Rookie.
  • Rookie:Sorry.(Whispers in PH`s ear)You can do it!(Walks away.)
  • PH:Allright,i can do this.(Opens Notebook)In 19-(Falls asleep.)

Transition to Ph waking up.

  • PH:Oh dear gosh!I forgot everything Rookie told me.
  • Mr Cow2:Perfect,let`s roll.(Runs away with PH)
  • Gary:Mr Cow2,his stuff helped her alot!
  • Mr Cow2:I was saying it`s bad cause Rookie told it to her correctly.
  • Gary:You make me sick.Rookie didn`t only help her on the test,but dhe raised her soul!(Backround fades and we see gary as an agenl in a heaven like backround)
  • Mr Cow2:Puh-lease!I have no soul!(Fades an we see Mr Cow2 as a devil at a heck like backround.Suddenly turns to normal.He looks around)Anyway,PH needs to do this test!Honestly,even I couldn`t see PH to be this sad.

Transition to Mr Cow2 draging PH by the foot.

  • Mr Cow2:Your going and thats...(Throws PH into test room)FINAL!!!
  • Teacher:Welcome class.My name is (Writes Name on board in Fancy Writing) Professer Carl.I will be here to teach you today.We`ll start by going around the class and introducing eachover.
  • Dr.Stanford(Indian Accent):Dr.Stanford.I come from india and i am a Medical Doctor.
  • PH:G`day.PH.I`m from Australia and i`m an Official Puffle Vet
  • Alex:My names Alex.I`m just bored and wanted to test my smarts.
  • Prof. Carl:Well welcome everyone.And Alex,i hope you have fun with this test.
  • Alex:Thanks.
  • Prof. Carl:Here are your exames and...begin.(Clicks on a stopwatch)

PH starts to write down answers.She seems to get stuck on one question.She remembers what Rookie told her.

  • Rookie:Apparently,they thought it looked stylish.
  • PH:Thats it.Thats it!THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Everyone looks at her awkwardly)
  • Prof. Carl:30 Minutes class.
  • PH:Allright.(Breathes Heavily and continues test.Starts a montage that shows PH and differant clocks zooming by)
  • Prof. Carl:Times Up!(Takes exames)
  • PH:It`s in the bag.

Transition to PH at Rookies Igloo hanging out with Rookie,Gary,Cadnce and Mr Cow2

  • PH:Then i said "It`s in the bag".So i`m pretty sure i`d pass.
  • Mr Cow2:Theres no conflict in this situation.(Gets ready to throw a can a PH.Cadence looks at him angrly)
  • Cadence(Feroucious Voice):PUT THE CAN DOWN!!!

Mr Cow2 wimpily throws the can away. It hits a trampoline and rebounds and hits Mr Cow2

  • Mr Cow2:Owww!Thats what i`ve been doing to people!?I`m a terrible person!
  • PH:Yep.

Doorbell rings

  • PH:It`s my fourm!(Opens and reads)...
  • Rookie:So?You pass?
  • PH(Crying):...D-.(She runs away crying like crazy)
  • Rookie:Allright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I`VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It`s one thing to mess with my best freind but mess with her life,thats when i`m ready to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I`m gonna march right up to Mayor Penguin and tell that air-head that he is the worst mayor i have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PH:...I`m going to!(Pans on PH)I may be in love with him,but it`s plain wrong to mess with someone close to him as me!
  • Gary:You tell him you two.

Transition to PH and Rookie at the Penguin House (which is baisicly like the white house but with a club penguin like theme)

  • PH and Rookie(Chanting):Hey-Hey!!Ho-Ho!!We don`t wanna go!!Hey-Hey!!Ho-Ho!!We don`t wanna go!!

Mr Cow2 is on a parachute that has an austrlian flag on it


Mr Cow2 lands

  • PH:Mayor,we`re not giving up!Either make me a citizen or stop the ballot!
  • Mayor:Ms.Handler,i don`t have the power to stop the ballot.
  • PH(Groan):Then make me a citizen!
  • Mayor:Miss Handler,i`m sorry for you really i am,but i don`t have the power to make you a citizen,yet.
  • PH(Three second pause,PH flips out and destroys his yard,she walks up to Mayor):Forget you!
  • Mayor:I`m so sorry.
  • PH:Oh,your sorry,thats great!But it doesn`t help me out!Thanks to your stupid ballot,i`m leaving the best place in the world!It`s all your fault!
  • Mayor:Calm down!Your going red in the face!
  • Mayor:I may have another proposal for you.In my backyard,i have a few people who acted like you.I told them they could do some work and i can pay for citizen ship from the goverment in exchange.
  • PH:Whatever it takes mayor!!!
  • Rookie:I`m going with you!Your my best freind!And if you do this,so do I!Maybe Mr Cow2 will do it also...
  • Mr Cow2:Nah,i`m good.
  • Rookie:DO IT!!
  • Mr Cow2:DUDE! Chillax! it was a joke!
  • PH:Please!
  • Mr Cow2:I said it was a joke!

Cut to the gang in a small village behind Mayor Penguins mansion

  • Mr Cow2:Here's the plan:When Mayor comes out of the room, cut the rope.
  • PH:But i don't want to crush him with a giant safe!
  • Rookie:Mr Cow2,that`s a terible idea!We don`t wanna kill him!
  • Mr Cow2:Wait,you want him alive?
  • PH and Rookie:YES!!!
  • Mr Cow2:Oh.Let me just put this away then.(Cleans up his trap.)
  • PH:Rookie,your a real pal for coming with me through this!(Rookie and PH Hug eachover)
  • Mr Cow2:Hey!Happy Hugers!Stop the X and O`s!Mayor Penguins gonna show us to our room later.
  • PH:Of course.

Transition to PH and Rookie making there beds

  • PH:Well this is peaceful!
  • Rookie:PH,were sharing the same room with penguins from around the globe!(Shows penguins from differant countrys doing one of there native traditions)
  • PH:Well it`s peacefuller than my igloo when Mr Cow2 throws a can at you evrey morning.

Transition to PH sitting with a mexican penguin

  • PH:Do you mind if i sit here?
  • Ronaldo:No,you may.
  • PH:Well g`day!PH!I`m from Australia.
  • Ronaldo:Welcome Mistress PH.
  • PH:Mr.Sir,Did stuff use to stink around here.
  • Ronaldo:Of course not PH.In facr,it stank very little.
  • PH:Well(Stands up)i think we can do better!This is so stupid!If he just wants us to waddle around barefoot than he can kiss my webbed foot!This is my Tough Break!
  • Mr Cow2:You tell him PH!

Transition to Mayor Penguin signing some papers.He hears a rumbiling sound and sees the villagers come towards his mansion.

  • Mayor Penguin:Oh dear.

He opens his door.The mob stops infront of him.

  • PH:Get out of our way Mayor!Were here to take whats ours!
  • Mayor Penguin:PH,i`m sorry.But you have to work here!
  • PH:Oh really?Did rockhoper have to keep working on rockhoper island before he could visit Club Penguin?Did aunt artic still have to write in england before she came here?They all have one thing in common mayor...Bravery!And i`m brave enough to speak my mind!It dosn`t matter what happens to the flag,or our city on the map,or even how many people have there bodys inflated!(Ph winks at Rookie.Rookie winks back)What matters is that where here and alive!Now get out!
  • Mayor:But PH,why would you want to hurt a fellow citizen?
  • PH,Rookie and Mr Cow2(Surprised):WHAT!?!?
  • Mayor:All i have to do is push the paperwork out.Youl be an official citizen in just a few days.This is plenty of time before you leave.
  • PH:Thats not good enough Mayor!We want citizenship for all theese penguins to!
  • Rookie and Mr Cow2(Surprised):WHAT!?!?
  • Rookie:PH,are you serious!?
  • PH:Rookie i`m a kind gal!I want to live in a land with all fun and no work!And i wish for the folks to feel the same!
  • Mayor:That`s my only offer.Take it or leave it!
  • Rookie:PH,take it.I`d rather die than have you leave the island.
  • PH:(Starts to cry with joy)I LOVE YOU ROOKIE!!!(Hugs him)
  • Rookie:(Hugs her)I love you too.

Cut to Cadence siting at the Coffee Shop drinking some Coffee.

  • Cadence:I don`t know why,but i have a sudden feeling that Rookie and PH`s love just cracked up a notch.

Transition to PH and Rookie sitting together

  • TV:The poll has been made and it has been No on 24 by a landslide!
  • PH:That`s wonderfull!!!All my new freinds can stay!
  • Rookie:Well congrats!You live here!And in case you ever feel down in the dumps again,my igloo is your igloo.
  • PH:Thanks Rookie!Speaking of which,mind if i stay here a few more days or weeks?
  • Rookie:Heck,you can live here!Consider this your new home!(They Hug)
  • ("Don`t you forget about me"plays".Pictures of the charecters show and show captians showing what they did with there lifes at the end of the story.PH continued her Carreer of a Puffle vet.She was delighted that Rookie allowed her to live in his igloo.Rookie took advantage of his test and decided to help out others.After Cadence explained the correct inflation to him of course.Mr Cow2 went for 6 hours of community service for disturbing people with cans.He was tired,but happy he wasn`t in jail.Mayor Penguin learned nothing as always.Fades and shows the credits)
The End
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