Mr Cow2
New Mr Cow2

Gender Male
Position Unknown
Age  ???
Status Single but not for long! (As he says)
Likes pizza,Cadence,death,and chocolate
Dislike rainbows,kittens,green beans
Freinds Alex,Dot,Gary,Candace,Jet Pack guy,Aunt Arctic,Sunglasses Penguin,Peng Waqas,Rookie
Enimies Benny,Bob,Dan,Herbert,Zombie Fries,Rookie (Formaly)
Hidden ability Has a shape-shifting soul.
Loved One Cadence
Best Freind Cadence
Mother Hone782
Farther Mr Cow1
Sisters Unkown
Brothers Hone783
Most Injured part of the Body The Head (Life isn't easy!)
First Apperance Pilot
Last Apperance Unkown
Voiced By Richard Ryan

Mr Cow2 is a brown penguin who gets more negative every season

I don't need this!Let alone, WANT!
— Mr Cow2

you know in every show there's a guy who is negative and overpossesive? Mr Cow2 TRAINS that guy.

He is the one who always risks his life for the team. Sometimes he sabotages HIMSELF.

What other penguins say about him

  • Rookie:He`s not the best penguin I know,but he`s allright.Where not good freinds,but i`m fine with him.
  • Aunt Artic:He`s verry nice!He reminds me of when i was young.But he can be a bit negative sometimes.
  • Cadence:Man,that`s a toughie!He`s real sweet,cute and loveable!I might even say i was IN love with him.
  • PH:Mr Cow2 is the one you want to avoid.Unless you like the feeling of alunium metal cans of soup thrown at your face!Other then that, he's a pretty nice guy.Sometimes, he's the only one that's strong enough to solve some of our biggest problems.
  • Gary:Get that camera OUT OF MY FACE!!!Also he looks like something in the toilet.
  • Mr Cow2(wearing a fake moustache):Mr Cow2 is awesome!I wish i could-(moustache falls of)What?I`m a cool guy!