There are several different transitions used in differant episodes.  Here is a list of them.

Thin IceEdit

The Flaming Black Puffle from the Thin Ice game at the dance lounge walks past the screen and melts it like how he does in the game.The Melted Screen disapears and brings up the next scene.The Thin Ice Theme Song also Plays.this is currently the most common transition in the seris so far.

Find FourEdit

Blue and Red Counters fall from the top of the screen and stack themselfs into tall coloums.Then,all at once,they all fall down to the Bottom of the screen.

Laptop ScenceEdit

a Laptop opens and a flipper uses the finger pad to scroll and click on links.He clicks on a link that reads PengTube (Parody of YouTube),searches up Club Penguin:The Show!!! and clicks on a video link that reads Club Penguin:The Show!!! next scence.He clicks on full screen and plays.As clicking on full screen,the outside of the Laptop disapears.This is the Senond Most Rarest Transition.There is also a noticeable Comment by BusneisMoose that reads:Great Video! and a Reply by Polo Feild that reads:Agreed.


Coffee pours down and covers the screen.It drains out and reveals the next scene.This is the Rarest Transition so far.

Mr Cow2 BombEdit

Mr Cow2 lights a fuse on a bomb. Soon, the bomb explodes. When the smoke clears, it reveals the next scene.

T rex chompEdit

A T Rex appears and chomps the screen showing the next scene.


Mr Cow2 is walking by when he sees the camera,mad he punches the screen showing the next scene.

Lightning strikeEdit

Used for the Season 4 movie Bob's revenge,Parts 1 and 2,A bolt of lightning goes down as we hear Bob's evil laugh.


A bunch of snowballs land on the screen. When they melt, it revels the next scene

Penguin PonyEdit

Before the ending credits, Penguin Pony slips on a ice pool, breaking the ice and splashing water covering the screen.