This is the List of Near Deaths (not in order) Meaning this is a list of where Charecters may have done somthing that may obviously killed someone in real life.This means that they died,but then surviveid later in the show.

Warning: this contains voilence so be warned! I warned you!


Fan Fiction-Exploded to tiny Cadences by Bob

Cheeseburger From Heck-Sent to Heck by McCheesy

Truth or Dare-Head used as a Battering Ram


Ellite Polar Force-Squished by Giant Robot.

Truth or Dare-Head used as a battering Ram

Art Thou Cadence-Arm Taken Off by Blaster

The Great Superhero Wish!-Flushed by Super Toilet

Mr Cow2Edit

Ellite Polar Force-Failed to Escape the EPF when it exploded

Wecome to my Peng-Mare-Destroyed by Benny Skruger


Truth or Dare-Head was used as a Battering Ram

Cheeseburger From Heck-sent to heck by McCheesy

Welcome to the FOODMARE-Eaten by Monster Burger

McPenguins goes evil-drowned in lava

Video Game maniac:Diced alive by Doom knights

Club Blooper-jumped off and motorcycle and landed (head first) on a rock


Twas the night before Christmas (episode)-Crushed by fir tree

Wecome to my Peng-mare-Destroyed by Benny


  • Bob-Vaporized by loud music
  • Bob (In Heck)-Squished by Mr Cow2
  • Bob Ghost-Burnt by Cadace
  • Herbert (Bloopers)-Accedently punched by Gary and faints.
  • Dan (Art Thou Cadence)-got his arm taken off from a blaster
  • Dan (Art Thou Cadence)-got on the back several times by Mr Cow2
  • Dan (Gosh,Dan It!)-Crushed by 1,000 ton wieght
  • Klutzy-Sliced in half
  • The Real Sthomas (Behind the Scenes)-squished by Godzilla
  • Benny Skruger-crushed by 1,000 ton wieght
  • Addy1234 (Behind the Scenes)-beaten up by Rookie and Mr Cow2
  • Maid-Struck by lightning
  • Chop Chop-Disembodied
  • Okia-Deleted
  • Rookie Robot-Head torn off by Mr Cow2. And then exploded.
  • Mr Cow2 Robot-Hit the ground, bounced on his head once, shot a laser through his eyes and exploded.
  • Other Penguin Robots-destroyed by giant bowling ball.
  • 2nd Face-Disintigrated by vegetables
  • XI-2-Destroyed by Mr Cow2
  • Josh:Shredded by a jet engine from the Sun Beater
  • Super Computer-plugged up the Giant Metal Detector and then exploded
  • Ninji:Attacked by evil snowmen,Then got pushed off a cliff by mr cow2
  • Annoying Orange: Got shot by Gary's bazooka

Best of the BirdsEdit

There were so many deaths in that we had to make another section to list them all!

  • Mumble-Shot by Rico's dart gun.
  • Rookie-Same as Mumble.
  • Rico-Blasted by The Real Sthomas's energy beam.
  • Chuck-Same as Mumble and Rookie.
  • The Real Sthomas-Blasted by Supered penguin's dark energy beam.
  • Ez-Shot as bullet from the Pictank.
  • PH-Burnt by Ez's flames.
  • Terence-Beaten up by Mr Cow2.
  • Daisy Duck-Beaten up by Tiny Wings and Mr Cow2.
  • Cadence-Shot with Bacon bit.
  • PicWizard-Crushed by Pandre.
  • Blu-Crushed with Cadence's boombox.
  • Skipper-Pecked to death.
  • Bomb-Blew self up.
  • Jeff the Ref-Same as Cadence.
  • Supered penguin-Same as Rico.
  • Woodstock-Squashed/Stepped on by Hone783.
  • Guard Duck and other survivors-Wiped out by atomic grenade explosion.