Cadence calls in Rookie to talk to him about how much he screws up in the show.But,A Verry Suspicios Rookie starts to think that he is not the only one who screws up.Eventually,they start to watch all the goof-ups,horseplay and stunts performed in the show.


Starts at Disney Studios.We pan and zoom in on a hut that the Club penguin logog on.Inside,Cadence walks pass.She sits down in a chair.

  • Cadence(into Intercom):Send in Rookie.(waits a few seconds.   
    Blooper (mario)

    not THAT kind of blooper!

  • Rookie(Entering):You called me?
  • Cadence:Yes.Uh,Rookie,how do i put this.
  • Rookie:Am i fired?
  • Cadence:oh no!Not at all!
  • Rookie:Thank you.Cause i need the money help out my sick auntie and-
  • Cadence:You just need to improve in your acting.I found several goof-ups in the show and i noticed lots of yours.(Clicks on a Link showing Rookie`s Bloopers)
  • Rookie(On-Screen):I Can`t belive you just diiiblahblahblahblahdoonga!I Heard tha(Laughs)I`m sorry!I Can`t even say that with a straight face!There there,don`t cry,there-(Giggles)Sorry,I`m sorry.Well i hope you learned somthing Cade(laughs)I`m sorry.I`m so sorry.
  • Mr Cow2 (walking on screen):Are you talking about bloopers?
  • Rookie:Yes. Why?
  • Mr Cow2:I've been waiting to show you one of my biggest goof-ups of all time!
  • A giant screen shows Mr Cow2 jumping off a motorcycle and lands head first on some pointy rocks.
  • Mr Cow2(On screen):AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rookie:Oh yeah.
  • Mr Cow2:And this one.

The giant screen shows Mr Cow2 yelling and then he trys to break a vase with his face but instead faints after impact.

  • Mr Cow2:And don't EVEN say in fear of those expoldiong machines
  • (We see a slideshow of machines blowing up)