Why do you suppose oranges are called "oranges?"Do you think it's because they are colored orange, or is the color orange called "orange" because it's the color of oranges?I wonder why all fruits aren't named after their colors.Grapes could be called "purples" and a bunch of grapes could be called a "bunch of purples," unless they're white grapes, which really aren't white at all but more of a pale green.But you'd still have to be careful because if you asked for a "bunch of purples," someone might give you a big pile of eggplants.
— Chatty Penguin
Chatty Penguin
Chatty Penguin

"Ow!I bit my tongue!"

Gender Male
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Single
Likes Talking
Dislike Earplugs and penguins not listening to him.
Freinds Mr Cow2, Aunt Arctic, Rookie, Cadence, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rory, Gary, Hone783, PH, Ferral, LOLZ, Rockhopper and Sensei.
Enimies Bob, Zombie Fries.
Hidden ability Can talk for 43 straight hours without taking a breath for air.
Loved One Unkown
Best Freind Dot
Mother Unkown
Farther Unkown
Sisters Unkown
Brothers Unkown
Most Injured part of the Body Tongue (You're probably not surprised)
First Apperance Unkown
Last Apperance Unkown
Voiced By Unkown

Chatty Penguin is a penguin who talks a lot......and a lot.......and a lot.

What other Penguins say about himEdit

  • Mr Cow2:TOO MUCH NOISE!!!!!!
  • Cadence:He talks so much that i had to get my headphones padded!
  • Sonicpg12:Two words,Shut Up!
  • Gary:If I could find out what makes him talk so much then I would be the SCIENTIST OF THE CENTURY!! HA HA HA HA!!!!
  • Rookie:For once i'll say this,KILL THE GUY.
  • Ph:Mate,Give this guy the voice of a frog and we can FINALLY make him shut up.
  • Sensei:Chatty Penguin can say most wise words.But he uses big amounts of energy.Much to learn.
  • Dot:He`s pretty cool!But he dosn`t really stop talking.But he`s still nice.
  • Hone783:I`m actually glad that i hit him on the head once.