Aunt Artic
Aunt Artic Director

Gender Female
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Likes Puffles,Writing the Newspaper,Helping Other Penguins
Dislike Penguins being mean to other penguins
Freinds Rookie,Cadence,Mr Cow2,PH
Enimies Herbert,Benny,Bob,Dan,Zombie Fries
Hidden ability Unkown
Loved One Unkown
Best Freind Gary
Mother Unkown
Farther Unkown
Sisters Unkown
Brothers Unkown
Most Injured part of the Body Unkown
First Apperance Club Penguin:The Pilot!!!
Last Apperance Unkown
Voiced By Unkown
— Aunt Artic
Aunt arctic is a penguin who is a main penguin in Club Penguin the show. She appears in almost every episode.